Is your 2018 marketing strategy leading or lagging?

To stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, brands must think beyond short-term, transactional gains and look toward maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV). In short, focusing on CLV enables you to reach the customers that matter most and have a better relationship with them.

CLV measures the value a person brings to a business across all of her interactions over time—not just a single transaction.
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Apps are perceived as easier to use than mobile sites

Mobile site experiences can help or hurt your brand. If people have a negative experience on mobile,

  • they are 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future

Apps are a great way to collect purchase histories, email addresses, location information, and age demographics. This data can be invaluable when it comes to building out your retail marketing initiatives.

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Customers Find Retail Apps Addictive

Mobile drives or influences, an average of over 40% of revenue in leading organisations. The survey of over 500 consumers put things in perspective. It found

  • 86% of respondents use a retail app

  • 59% use a retail app up to five times a week

The real return on investment comes from repeat usage over time — not to mention the invaluable customer data that app brings.

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Loyalty rewards really works

Consumers love loyalty rewards. So much so that when asked "if they’d rather shop at a competitor than a store where they are already loyalty members",

  • less than nine percent would actually go with the competitor’s store

  • 20% admitted to being indifferent to the option

  • 72% would select the store they were a loyalty member over other options

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In-Store Incentives

In-store incentives like coupons, special deals, and one-time offers make users

  • 78% more likely to take advantage of an in-store offer if it’s presented to them.

Even if customers aren’t physically in your store but are in the general area, beacon technology can send coupons and special promos through your app to lure them through your doors. Creating that sense of urgency gives customers that extra push to convert that they might not have otherwise made without the retail app offer.

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